Friday, May 9, 2008

What Games You Prefer?

Computer games is so synonym in our life, especially teenagers and kids. Some adults also take games as one of important therapy session especially when you're working for quite a long day. So, what type of game do you prefer? For me, I put some preference on the type of game based on age and situation.

Light games, commonly from Java, Miniclips and Reflexologi is a choice of girls especially teenager and adults that's working on the office. What is the proof? Well, this is one of the subject for my assignment :) let alone that if you play many light games especially flash games and java games, there are special button "BOSS ALERT". Haha...just press the button when your boss is around and the game will be minimize with the title "untitled".

Not so light games, or heavy games are games that involves graphic and ram, and its definitely don't have any BOSS ALERT button. In my laptop, I love to play NFS Carbon, Command & Comquer 3 Kane Edition, Hitman Blood Money and so on. This games are practical and time consuming, really popular among the teenagers and adults when they're at home. There's even an occupation as professional gamers.

Preparing tools for both of the games are really different. Light game, as the name, involves nothing but a common mouse and mouse pad. But, for serious heavy games, mouse and pad is not something they can skip on. So, they will invest on buying Razorhead mouse and pad, and it really cost a lot. (I don't afford to by expensive mouse and pad..seriously)

So, which games are you're on? I love light games such as Monopoly and heavy games just like I stated before. Need game download? You can search the Monopoly download link on my previous post :)

P/s : I love Insaiquarium!


  1. Mesti la warcraft dengan command and conquer..

  2. Yup,I love both of the game too. I really hate General because its sooo offensive against middle east.