Wednesday, May 7, 2008

He's Definately Gonna Get It!

In Malaysia, sultan institution is not just an icon, its an institution for real. They still have the power on the government and they can do anything that is not against the rule. Did you know that if they have to, sultan will take control of the government's military and become the leader itself? What Karpal did was really pushing the limits.

Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor representative on the parliaments questions the Perak sultan acts for demanding the full recovery position of JAIP president that was given 24 hours notice by Perak minister for not cooperating. Some consider his acts as disgrace and others accuse him as the traitor.

Karpal however backing up himself by saying that he is not a traitor, he just questioning the sultan acts according to the law. Of course, its not simple to go away with that excuses once you're messing around with THE king. The leader of the Islam, Melayu and Malaysia. Its not a wise acts.

Right now, the Malaysia's lawyer is looking deep into the case and if found guilty, Karpal might be going into a long vacation in ISA (Internal Security Act). It's a nightmare for many, even higher ranking people in the government because there will be no justification inside a court, it will be catch and stay.

Sometimes I think its better if the parliament is not full of lawyers like Karpal. They will make a stupid havoc and of course, by messing around with the institution, its like messing around with millions of Malay in Malaysia. There are law and order. So, keep it tight and neat.

P/s : We'll see what will happen next, Karpal.

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