Friday, May 9, 2008

Hippies On History

Let me be frank with you, I knew about hippies a few years ago when I was in middle school, based on a few research in the internet and books. Of course, the media might not saying the truth, especially anything that involves government. There will be replenish and republish session of any facts, and thats happen to me.

Today, I know something about hippies that is quite interesting in my own concern. There's a three hours television programs on History Channel about hippies and I find it quite balance in the content and facts. How many is it is true, I don't know. What I do know is that hippies love peace, and harmony. Unfortunately, they have been influenced by drugs, the LSD.

There's an event called The Summer of Love that suppose to be something cheerful and full of love, but instead it becomes disastrous as too many people especially teenagers come to the scene and the place started to become chaotic. There are drugs, starvation and even pimp. The subculture movement find its way again after they discover a new way to feel peace, by meditation.

Unfortunately again, the meditation guru, an Indian has brought too many believes and its mixed up, lastly making the hippies push the boundaries into creating their own believes, from the Church of Sat@n, the Black Arts and announcing himself as Jesus. The subculture has corrupted for a while and some decided to run away and create their own small community using their own savings.

I guess many people know the hippies history but what I want to tell is something that I discover from History Channel

  1. Hippies are the founder of open community in US where people can finally expressing themselves.
  2. Apple, the first personal computer is the work of two hippies, going advance in technologies.
  3. Internet is also the work of hippies, from the writer of a book, The World's Catalog.
  4. The Beetles are hippies and they have become the icon.
P/s : I really want to know if there's any program regarding the Church of Sat@n


  1. Pergh sekali buat kajian pasal hippies plak..bagus2

  2. Thank you :) Ia sebenarnya dalam my interest jugak,huhu...