Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How The World Will End?

It's been a while since I've been thinking how the world will actually end. What will make the foundation of The Last Day. The Last Day has been mentioned in most of the religion especially the Samawian (religion from the sky) which is Islam, Christian and Jews. I watched many documentaries and some facts. Therefore, there's a few way I think will cause the end of the world. It's just an opinion and not certain. Just an opinion.

Nuclear war is not new. Many people especially politicians and scholars all over the world is so afraid of the World War Three that are said to be the nuclear war. The number of nuclear countries are increasing, from Russia, China, North Korea, America, India, Pakistan and the non-authorized Israel. America and Russia hold the largest stocks, more than 12 000 nuclear warhead. This phenomenon is getting worse with the research of Fusion energy. Fusion is multiple times more powerful than nuclear and a small amount of it is enough to destroy the world.
Tsunami is the second case. Its not just about big wave, its about massive wave. Can you imagine if the north and the south ice melts? There will be no continents at all! The sea level will rise until there will be no land. With nowadays global warming issues, ice melting is not possible. When there's only few lands around, there will be fight for the lands and the war will started to take shape.

The death of earth. When the earth magnetic pulse is off, the world will stop spinning and there will be a two sided earth, the dark and the light. The light will burned the living to the ground due to extreme hot temperature and the dark will die due to cold. Is this possible? There are many researches regarding black hole where scientists create mini scale black hole for research purposes. What they don't expect before is that the tiny cell will penetrate the soil and went to the core. As scientists spoke before, a small amount is harmless. Its true, but if the research continues, the small amount will gather and create a mass amount. At that time, everything will be too late. (Notice that right now the black hole research has been cancel because they just realized the potential, it might just too late)

Chained to the paragraph before, after the earth magnetic pulse is weaken. The earth will be vulnerable to meteor and meteorite. The earth magnetic pulse don't have enough power to bounce the meteor back or destroy them before they even reached the earth. Realize that the whole solar system is actually moving in a high speed and before this, earth magnetic is the one that protect us from the outside threat.

The last opinion would be the supernova theory. As you all know, sun is a star and all star will dead. How long can the sun hold? Some says million of years but that is just an estimation. The sun had become much "active" on the recent years. As a result, there are many explosion cases on the sun surface that frightened us. When the sun dies, we must run away far from this solar system or we're toast. Why? When the sun is dying, it will expand so big that the earth will be swallow. If we survived due to orbit theory, we will still not survive what will happened next, the black hole.

P/s : Have you prayed enough? The end is near, closer than you think...


  1. It will become real one day.It is predicted by most of the scientists.

  2. It will be, for sure. Most religions already expected this to happen. It's just a matter of time.