Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Am Now A Verified Paypal Holder!

Finally, after having trouble with my debit card from Tune Money and all the effort to get verified, my Paypal is now verified. I am so happy because by having a verified Paypal account, people will have more guts to buy my products as the verification indicates my seriousness in internet marketing.
Talking about verification, there are two types which are VCC and using debit/credit card. Both can be used to verify Paypal but there are disadvantages and advantages for both of this method. Using VCC saves time because you can get verified in a moment, less than an hour for normal service compared to debit/credit card.

Unfortunately, besides getting verified, VCC doesn't help you to withdraw your cash as its the job of real debit/credit card. Using debit/credit card saves money as you don't need to pay for VCC and also saves time in a long distance as no need to add another card.

Using a VCC can be risky. Your account might get unverified after a while, sometimes a few month if you did something unusual with your Paypal account. Going for the wrong dealer might end up been cheated for a sum of money. VCC payment range can be most likely from USD8.00 until USD15.00.

Which one did you prefer? Its up to you to figure it out. VCC is like a fast food. Its fast but might have side effects. Debit/credit card is like a vegetable, its really tasteless but healthy. I am verified and I hope people will have more faith in my products.

P/s : I am so lazy typing till I didn't change my account type to business account because too lazy to fill the form :p


  1. Aii, lajunya wat post pasal paypal yek. Aik, akaun paypal ko tak leh verified pakai tune money ke? aku baru je order minggu lepas. minggu nih aku nak ambil esok lusa.

    Nape tak dapat verified?

  2. Its easy titan...sebab ako x dapat lagi.Dia send kad tune money ako bulan 1 sedangkan aku ada kat kelantan till March. So, pejabat pos pulangkan baru nak minta send balik.

  3. Berapa harga nak apply tune money nih.. nak tunggu maybankard debit lambat lagi nak befungsi

  4. Harga untuk apply tune money ialah Rm53.00 sahaja, boleh dibayar via BSN atau CIMB atau pejabat pos. kalo gamemaster nak cepat, better apply using Public Bank, atau tercepat iaitu Ar-Rajh Debit Card (24 jam da siap)

  5. RM 53 ke.. cek kat internet rm 10

  6. Rm9.90 tu annual fee dia tapi untuk pembuatan kad kali pertama kena bayar Rm53 sebab
    - Rm9.90 annual fees
    - Rm30.00 dalam akaun kena ada
    - Rm10.00 untuk proses kad
    - Rm3.00 untuk kauter bank/pos

  7. Kalau nak masuk duit macam mana sistem tune money ni

  8. Tune money boleh masuk duit dalam beberapa cara samada guna CIMB atau Pejabat Pos. Nanti dia akan send sekali dengan nombor akaun.