Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ironman The Game

Have you played Ironman The Game? This game has been develop by Sega and Im telling you the graphic and game play is perfect. Actually I've just played until second level, war at Neferia's mansion where we have to destroy several bunkers and Stark technologies missiles. Its something about searching for Whithey or something.

Some might be thinking, can you play this game? Is it heavy? I don't know about your computer but my ancient D600 Dell got no problem with it. I bet some Acer and Compaq laptops would find playing this game rather heavy or difficult to maneuver :) Its just based on my previous experience with my friend's laptop.

You can change your suits whenever possible and your suit will be upgraded slowly depends on how you used them inside combat. The enemy is easy to kill, especially the human infantry, the machine gun type. Even if you stay there, increase your armor and do nothing, the bullet seemed ineffective. The tank can only withstand two blows from your electric fist, and that's on the hardest level.

I still cannot master the manual heart pump where when you almost dead, the heart indicator will show up and we will have to do something I don't know what it is. It has some kind of arrow pointing somewhere but when I follow the arrow, nothing happens. You can destroy weapons shacks for extra points and maybe extra suits.

I didn't get passed the level where we have to confront three Maggia laser bulls, I wonder how to move around on such small poles and the enemy's missile man are everywhere. If they hit you, you will be push to the front of the bull and fatal by the strong laser beam. Any idea? This games worth playing, so grab one on your store!

P/s : They don't have save on scene mode, so, if you died, you have to repeat the whole stage again, what da....

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