Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Water Alive?

How essential water to us? Based on the fact that we can't live more than three days without water, that surely explain everything. Water is everywhere, its an assent of life and its all around us from the air we breathes and the blood that flow inside our body. But, is water alive?

I don't know, honestly I never heard someone kills water and there's no interpretation for that even if you stab the river with a rambo knife. There's not even waterian in any term as water is so synonym with us, not like vegetarian that eats vegetables only. So, is water alive?

If I'm not mistaken, correct me if I am, water can be consider as alive. The research done by a Japanese scientist shows that water reacts to sound and reaction is a sign of living. Any living form will react to anything, especially us, human. How does water reacts? Here's a picture as a hint for you.

This water reacts to heavy metal musics. See how havoc they are?

This one reacts to negative words such as f**k y**.

This one reacts to anything symbolize thanks. Its so nice.

This one reacts to pray,see? So, pray a lot in front of your food before you eat. Its helpful, healthy and shows your faithfulness to god.

So, next time, if you want to say something bad, don't hold your drinks and don't ever fight on the dining table. The Chi of water can be destroy by it.

P/s : The picture is courtesy of Luthfikir. See also : Fujiwara Water Miracle

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