Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its The Day (x2), Today!

Today is The Day for Malaysian especially but I don't know about the whole world. Before this is the mother's day, celebrate from all continents all over the world and today there are two big events that occurs in Malaysia. Its the teachers day and UMNO day.

UMNO or United Malays National Organization, the ruling party of Malaysia, one of the main core of Barisan National celebrated their 60th anniversary of their establishment. UMNO was previously formed to fight against the British regarding Malay's right and the legacy still on until now. Even though this party has a downfall by 2008, the party still celebrate this events with the hope to restore order in UMNO. UMNO,s veteran give advice regarding the changes in UMNO and hope that the order will be restored.

On the other hands, teachers day is celebrated today. The date itself has its own history because today is day Malaysia's government agrees regarding teachers demand and so on. At the same time, teachers day is the way to show our respect to the teacher that teaches us the way of life. From Kedah to Johore, the celebration is so grand. Guess what, even I got a present even though I am just a substitute teacher :)

So, what about your day on your country? Its quite lucky become a Malaysian because we have many races and because of that,we have a lot of "The Day". When Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year, we have holidays. That goes the same to Deepavali, Eidilfitri, Gawai Day, Sultan Birthday and other "The Day" too...

P/s : I don't feel much of a holiday when I become a substitute teacher because actually, teacher never have holiday.

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