Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its Halal and Its Not Halal Too

As usual, I love to read anything inside my inbox, even spamming messages because sometimes it has quite a good information to share upon with the rest of my readers. So, this picture I got from one of the forum I anticipated. Its about the Halal instant mee that's not halal!

As a muslim, I can only consumed any halal food and use halal products (toothpaste and insurance policies) as one of the rules in Islam. Halal food is a good and healthy food, and I can only eat non-halal food when I'm in desperation (lost in jungle, been forced with life and so on). So, in Malaysia, halal logo has been presented to label what we can and what we cannot eat. Non halal food is still available in Malaysia due to tolerance in multicultural community.

Now, about this mee. It made in Thailand, with a halal logo signature (this one is not authorized by Malaysia's governement) and it seemed has already been sold on the borderline by a few shops. The quick act of immigration and JAIP overcome the spread of this food. Check it out! Can you imagine, its PIG flavour!

P/s : I really hope there will be no exploitation like this, ever.

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