Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jom Seminar Alert!

Red alert! Jom Seminar second session has just open the door for registration! The first session is a big hit and already swipe the seats out just a few days after the promotion started. Owh yeah, its basically for Malaysian only but if you can master malay language, I think its a good and worth your money and time to come to Jom Seminar.

Hosted by five people, top on their games and I can consider them as internet guru especially in Malaysia, this seminar is something that shouldn't be missed by anyone. These people has been officially proven and even recognized by the media. I bet all Malaysian especially internet marketer known The Uncles (Alang, Gobala, Syed Ikhwan, Yusry and Fuad)

This fivo (trio for three, I think fivo for five :P) are not the only internet guru, there will be secret internet marketer that might be anyone. It's a secret and as a secret, even I don't know who he is but I bet it has something to do with blogging for money (just guessing).

So, joined hundreds of the early birds before its too late! The next session will be on Sunday, 11th May 2008 at Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya. Its cheap, not time consuming and surely making money on the net! Click here now for more details!

P/s : The seminar has nothing to do with mere product such as PPC, surveys and so on. Not even online forex. So, its worth a lot for your money!

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