Saturday, May 3, 2008

Link Clean Up

Its been a while since I posted an event related to link and today I clean up my blogroll because its quite long and a little bit messy. I've checked all the links for possible link back to my site and if there's none, the link might be deleted from my list.

There's a few exception for blogs that I love to visit and read and high PR blogs that of course would be full of information regarding anything from blogging, money making, affiliate and even marriage. I would love to accept any link exchange offer as long as its an exchange on both part, not mine alone.

So, for anyone that suddenly realize that there's no links that connected to your blog under the blogroll, you can submit your blogs by using the email form below. Remember, its a link exchange, not link submission only. Deleted links can apply for the second time after you put my links on your blog. Thank you.

P/s : Why the water inside the pail is so brownish...I wonder what inside, yuck! <:0

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