Monday, May 12, 2008

Malaysia First Pay Per Lead

Today I would like to tell you that Malaysia first pay per lead program has just opened. Its suitable for Malaysian only because they will pay in MYR. The payment per person is quite okay, RM0.25 per lead. At least this program is much better than you clicking crazy on ads at PTC to earn a few cent.

The mastermind behind this great site is Mawardee. He is one of the popular minisite designer at Wang Cyber and I am one of the satisfied customer. The e-book that has been given as a product in this program is about how to build legal mailing list, up to 5000 subscriber per month! Just like what he did.

(Mawardee is the white shirt guy)

So, interested? When its free, its worth looking especially when it involves quality product from charismatic person. I actually recommended this e-book for any newbies and not so newbies so that you can build up your mailing list. Seriously, I am so regret that I don't have any mailing list yet.

P/s : Great work Mawardee, I salute you!

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