Friday, May 2, 2008

Malaysia Netvolution in Internet Marketing

Take a look at Labanon (the not-so-old young adult that wishes to marry at a young age) from his blogs, Team Flarebiz that already lauched a few version of the first Malaysia internet marketing ezine, Majalah IM, about 10 young internet marketer he known.

The article is about 10 people that he knew using the internet as a medium of money making solution, from standard 6 (wow) to 18 (common). Its true that young internet marketer outside Malaysia is so vast that its hard to make a list of them and young billionaires and millionaires and thousandnaires (don't use this word in your essay) already born and the number keep increasing.

Malaysia, in the other context is still under development but we already see a few faces that can be consider a pioneer of Malaysia's internet marketing. What will it be? Liew CF, Edmund Loh, Vince Tan, Gobala Krishnan, Alang, Syed Ikhwan, Yusry and many more. They are specific people on specific position. As Gobala Krishnan once said inside the mp3 attachment that was been hosted by Labanon and Dikmal, don't take everything, take one particular job and master them. Gobala earns 5 figures per month from one business only.

As some people has doubt on internet marketing capability to attract people and make money, others take the opportunity of the unknown to make a solid establishment. By making a solid establishment, a person or company can create a competitive brand before anyone else realize the potential of internet marketing. The internet marketing potential has only been revealed once a malay, Dr irfan Khairi (he don't like the Dr title) becomes a millionaire in three years only.

The first year is the major disaster as he only have 3 customer in a year. Then, he makes a move and try something new and since that day, his income increases rapidly and a millionaire was born. I hope one day Malaysia will have an internet billionaire that we can proud of.

P/s : Its been three months and my earning is still low. Still searching for ways to increase them...

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