Saturday, May 17, 2008

Malaysian Chinese & Games

Today, just like other days, I went to cyber cafe to update my blogs and see some other things just like usual teenager would do and I noticed (I've noticed this before) that many Malaysian Chinese love to play online games. Its not only at my hometown but all over Malaysia.

When you see a chinese in front of a computer, the first impression would be online games wether you play massive online all over the world or just using the LAN server and they are very expert on what they play. Can you imagine how they eager to buy books and memberships just to know a few secret places on the games and cheat codes. Its not surprising because WoW itself has billions of paying players every month.

What is actually the benefits behind all these because as most of us know, Chinese is a hard working fella and playing computer games might be off the chart. In my opinion, the answer is quite simple, money. They play online games for money, especially on international basis. I don't know about WoW much but I do know that people selling unique item with dollar!

I've once have a friend that gain MYR800 per month playing Ragnarok by simply selling the currency and selling cards and weaponry. He even improves his character into a good level and selling them for MYR1800.00 per character. Fuh, talk about money and the games fanatics at the other side of the line.

So, are you as fanatics as they are? If you asked me, my only purpose coming to cyber cafe is to check email, go to forums and update blog. But if someone dares me for Counter Strike duel, I will never say no!

P/s : Surely I'm not in a level to pay just to play...seriously.

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