Friday, May 9, 2008

The Mamak's Secrets

Have you ever eaten in any Mamak restaurant? Mamak is another name for an indian muslim or a mix of indian muslim, primary live in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. But don't be fool by the this fact because mamak's restaurant is all over Malaysia. The business transactions worth million Ringgit per month until they have taxes specially for Mamak's restaurant.

Once a Mamak's restaurant open in any area, they will remain there, active and strong except in Kelantan. (I haven't see a strong mamak's restaurant yet). What is their secrets of success? I have make a few homework regarding this case and can point out a few important points in every mamak's restaurant.

Big televisions and LCD screens. I mean really big, I mean using projector to display images. All mamak restaurant have this item to boost sales especially when its the football season. The satisfaction of seeing live broadcast in an extreme big television with friends and family is worth profits to mamak restaurant.

20 - 24 hours. They love to open their restaurant that eventually they forgot to close them. There's a few mamak restaurant that offer 24 hours services. Can you imagine how many people came there at the early morning? Almost hundreds especially in a big city because most of their customers are OT workers and early birds workers.

The extreme curry. Feel and taste mamak's curry and the passionate and addiction is there. Its like a heroin without drugs. The feeling will sip to your tongue and you can't let go. The secret behind this curry is extreme amount of ingredients and spices. Some also uses the black seed, i don't know the name that can act as a tiny addictive material where if you eat to much, you will not pass the urine test.

Lastly is the quick service. Its so fast as if its a fast food. You can order now and right away, you will get your order right away. That's include food, beverages and even services for cleaning the table and newspapers. The secret is the amount of workers they employ, and good workers always come with a good salary, increase the productivity.

P/s : See all mamak restaurant, they are big, and they invest a lot to gain a lot.


  1. Here at Shah Alam, I'm totally saturated with Mamak Restoran. They're everywhere using the same concept and surely the same type of foods.

  2. Kat seremban ni kedai mamak memang banyak.. Tapi kedai melayu pun ada pasang screen besar bila time bola.. Kedai makan melayu kita ni bukak time petang sampai la pagi..

  3. I agree with both of you. Mamak restaurants are everywhere and malay restaurants right now using the same big TV concept too :)

    Its not bad copying a good resource for better result,right?