Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Bidvertiser Research

As I mentioned before, I am having a quite mega project to carry out and thank god, everything went well, as planned. Now the planning has come into the second stage which is testing my product on a few newbies that didn't know anything about Bidvertiser.

OK, the project is actually maximizing your Bidvertiser income, including a quite controversial technique where you can earn extra dollar for every payout, the extra payment itself might ranged from 1 to 100 times the earning of the real payment. I am so afraid to use that controversial technique that I consider it as learning knowledge only.

I've been browsing through the net and I think no one else creating the same e-book as I am. With all the techniques and tricks, I hope I can control the potential market of Bidvertiser. Adsense e-book is like a junk on the net as the numbers are exceeding hundreds but for Bidvertiser, the number is still small which makes the market high.

Interested to buy one? Do visit this blog for any updates.

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