Friday, May 2, 2008

My Total Salutation For Oil Attendant

If some of you wondering why this blog isn't updated today, the best answer would be this is the first time I'm actually working with someone. Before this I just working with my self using the internet and now I'm going to become oil attendant for Shell somewhere in Malaysia. The job is from 3.00pm till 11.00pm. Yup, 8 hours straights that surely exhausting.

Cars and motorcycles rushing around like traffic I never seen before. Working on the "Pay Day" is really annoying especially its the first time experience. I have to handle more cars and motorcycles with the help of only two friends. Some asking for cigarettes and others for Bonuslink card. I am new there so I am so clueless.

Its getting worse when someone is tricking my friend. Can you image, he asked for MYR150.00 worth of petrol and after the half retarded man fill him up, he claims that he only asked for MYR10.00. He is cheating on the price. He should has warn the attendant when the meter oil exceeded MYR10.00. He gets away after paying only MYR10.00, the rest will go to half retarded man's end month salary.

Im standing there on the petrol booth for the whole 8 hours and make a fake smile that really make my face blue due to the forced muscle movement of the mouth. I have to smile for people that angry at me, asked for extra Bonuslink points and even bargaining on the petrol price. How can I stand this.

I really salute my friends for still working after a month. He applied working there with 4 of his friends. All 4 has resign because cannot withstand the pressure. There's even an aunt and an uncle that has worked there more than 5 years. I am so sorry but I can't keep the might in me and crying to leave from the petrol station.

Tomorrow I am going to resign. This is the first time I have the shortest work of my life, only a day. Let the oil attendant been taken by other people that has enough might to face all the obsticle.

P/s : I've been paid Rm15 for working 8 hours, end at 11pm. Cycling for 4 km due to my motor is at Kelantan. I rather working at home, at least I gain MYR25.00 per day. That still doesn't include the advertising payments.


  1. Lesson pertama,syukurlah kita tahu buat duit online berbanding mereka yg lain..kekekekke

  2. Yup catzer,memang saya sangat bersyukur sebab tau generate duit online. Walaupun sikit tapi oklah tu :)