Monday, May 5, 2008

New Looks!

Have you seen the header lately? How about my Entrecard picture? Yup, the face has just changed from a serious looking white colour fella to a cool new dude with colourful spectacles. It took me a while to create the face but I think that face a little bit resemble me.

So, by having a new avatar as figure, I hope that it can convey the not-so-serious side of this blog. Its a blog anyway, not a website. So, relaxation for both reader and me is important. The new avatar will show my real intention on blogging.

There will be new slot and some old widgets has been kicked out because someone claims that this blogs has too many referral links and advertising. So, some ads will still be around while others has been kicked out.

There is also new download widgets that only consist of a high quality e-books, its free and original. Right now the e-books would be the complete set of Edmund Loh 750 Traffic Tactics. More e-books will be available later on. So, keep visiting.

There's a chat box at the sidebar for chatting purposes (of course) so you can interact with other readers and even me if I'm online. You can ask questions and suggestions there if you like. I hope no spamming, please. I will delete any spamming attempt, seriously.

So, enjoy your stay at my blog. Later on, they might be having background sound (not music) but all depends on timing and demand. I read comments from other blog saying that they hate background musics.

P/s : Any suggestion, email me using the form or just submit via comment or chat box. :)

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