Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The New Perodua Nautica

Perodua has launches its new design (not so new) for Perodua Kembara which is Perodua Nautica. Its a 4wd and its really stylish. I don't know about the price but with the design like that, I take my chances to buy one if I have money.

Its not new that many Malaysia cars adapted designs from various designs by other car manufacturer. We can see the similarity between Perodua Kancil and Mira. No matter because its a legal design adaptation, not an illegal stolen version.

Nautica is an adaptation of Daihatsu Bego/Toyota Rush because the design seemed similar. How about the performance? Equipted with 1.3 Litre DVVT Turbo, its Auto Triptonic with 4WD with the price only around MYR70, 000 (rumors). Nautica will be launced at the mid of this year. So Perodua fans, grab your seats now!

P/s : Seriously, I think its beautiful and so stylish.

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