Monday, May 5, 2008

Petrol Versus Food

The second Malaysia parliament meeting was just held today, and I am glad that the meeting went smoothly without quarrellings except for the first few minutes when Bukit Gelugor, once again, talking about the law and order and of course, putting his seniority under the same line to defend his act. Its so fortunate no one else inside the meeting took his steps. A few minutes later, Bukit Gelugor was silenced by Yang Dipertua.

As usual, there are a lot discussion and the hottest issues would be the petrol price and food price. The debate started when the opposition wishes to decrease the petrol price by increasing the subsidies on petrol but the government, leaded by KDNHEP Minister saying that a survey has been done and most Malaysian prefers lowering down the food price rather than petrol. 10 billion MYR has been taken by Petronas funds to overcome this crisis.

Between petrol and food, I will have full support on decreasing the food price rather than the petrol. Food price issues are global issues and the importance of food itself is far greater than the petrol. I rather walking to work than eating noodles, a bowl with the price of MYR50.00. Food is important and this daily needs should be monitored and gives full attention and commitment in order to keep the price low.

I remembered a few days ago, Samak become quite angry and furious when the petroleum countries blamed the agricultural countries for the increasing food price. They blamed that by changing from food plant to oil plant such as palm oil, the main ingredients for biofuel, the food production decreases. Samak arguing that petroleum countries should also be blame for the petrol price if the same case been taken at the same concept.

Right now, food issues are so great that it has been called the invisible tsunami. Many will die due to starvation as poverty cannot coupe with the price. Even international community have problems fighting starvation due to the increasing food price. I hope one day both food and petrol price will become stable because many couldn't afford this changes.

P/s : Thank god, Malaysia government taking the best option all the way...

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