Saturday, May 3, 2008

Plagiarism, Be Aware...

Plagiarism is not a new phenomenon and I bet its still goes on and on from one to another. The concept of plagiarism is so big that it can be interpreted in many ways depends on the situation and the act of plagiarism itself. Have any of you stumbled across any plagiarism before?

Plagiarism can start from a mere post to an article, worksheets and reports. Remember, accusation of plagiarism is not lightly taken. You might have to re create what you have done or in the other case, you will be disqualified and been marked as plagiarism people. Some taking plagiarism as the act of crime, others as the act of cheating and laziness.

However, some of us are unaware that what we're doing is actually plagiarism. Do you think you're not plagiarizing anything? Answer these questions to find it out.
(The answer is at the last para of this post)

1. Is copying the data you collected from your own data that you have published before is a plagiarism?

2. If you rearrange the work of others including using own text, will it be consider as plagiarism?

3. If you had been plagiarized, where can you make a report?

4. Is putting attribution to the article you copy will make you not plagiarizing the content?

5. Can plagiarism be done accidentally?

6. Are all published works copyrights?

Getting some info about plagiarism is better to help you understand what is actually plagiarizing. Be noted that not all published articles are plagiarizing. Here is a few exception of plagiarism :
a. Compilation of readily available information such as phone book.
b. Works inside a PUBLIC domain.
c. Works that has been published by the government.
d. Fact that are not resulting of original research such as the webmaster of this blog is handsome.

I hope this post will help you not to be mark as plagiarizing because it can affect your reputation and even your carrier. Some of the information in this post is a courtesy of

P/s: See? By stating the original website, I'm not plagiarizing!

1. Yes, its called self-plagiarism.
2. Yes, its still be considered as plagiarism.
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. No.

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