Sunday, May 11, 2008

Receiving Feed On Handphone

Recently, I've join a paid comment community. Certainly its not Writer Share (none of my comment been accepted) but an easier one. But that's not the case. Its actually about a program that offers feedback via hand phone or our mobile. So, what do you think?

I've read the short article and the program seemed rather interesting. You can even earn more by selling your advertising space for quite a price. Reaching ads until their own private phone is like a wet dream by any advertiser. I didn't go much through this free services so I don't know whether this feed is embedded with the normal RSS Feeds or not.

But, for active blog (like mine), this services is not recommended. I personally will not use this service unless my blog is updated once a week and so on. Daily updated is not encourage because of this service might exploding your reader's inbox. This should be avoided. Let me be honest with you, I hate stray message and continues message from the same source.

Some have no problem with but others like me, I rather open my mail box. If you wish to use the program, you can visit ReadWriteWeb at now!

P/s: Can you imagine the subscriber, 192 000 readers!

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