Friday, May 2, 2008

The Rising Of A New Community And The Falling Too

I've already read multiple articles regarding the rise of the second world, the internet world. Statistic from Malaysia itself shows that Malaysia has 500 000 blogs and one of the most active community in social networking via Friendster and Myspace. Is this fact is also a proof of rise in internet awareness in the world? Yup,it is.

World Internet Usage Statistics News and World Population Stats shows that the world is on internet awareness. The three fastest regions are regions that before this has been kept away from the internet due to poverty and government policies which are middle east, Latin America and Africa. All this top three countries have the increasing rate of more that 500%.

Now, since the numbers are increasing rapidly, the advertising inside internet network has vastly spread with the numbers of new sites thats offer advertising services such as Adbrite and Kontera. Malaysia also has taken this steps by promoting sites such as Nuffnang and Advertlets. Some are getting their ways on top but some are just too weak to compete. Nufflets are one of the advertising company that face serious depletion.

Unfortunately, I read an article about the future of internet. Its not good. As the number of people are joining the second world, the internet world, the technology itself is still far behind. The internet technology we know today is dated a way back and a new solution must be taken seriously. More companies and corporates are urged to help funding research to develop new techniques and technologies for internet effectiveness. If not, within a few years later, the internet world will be vanish due to overcrowd.

P/s : I never thought an internet world has the potential to vanish...think and ponder.

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