Saturday, May 10, 2008

Second Payment & Malaysian Mindset

I just received my second payment via Paypal account in pound sterling, just like last time :) Sadly, I still did not received the full payment due to the lack of advertiser. Before this, many people turn to me, especially Malaysian asking me about how do I do it?

This is not a mockery or something related to it but let me tell you something, many Malaysian are still afraid to invest on e-books and so on because of the fraud and maybe due to the mindset that they can't see the thing in reality, its not worth their money.

I think, if I asked an international blogger about having my report on making pound for only USD5.00, they will not intend to back it up after looking for the proof. Its worth the price for the reports I offer. This reports will help you generate passive income, every month. Unfortunately, many asked for freebies rather than paid, its disappointing.

For not willing to sacrifice to earn something more, I think I better not offering this to them. As Mr Gobala said in IM, if we give a lazy people money, they will spend and asked for more. But, if people willing to pay to seek money, they will win the deal later on. So, malaysian out there, especially Malays, here's my offer. Change your mindset.
I am selling reports on how to gain consistent long term pound sterling generator and its in Malay languages to help you better understand it. Its only USD5.00/Rm15 per reports but the content will surely benefits you. One of Malaysia's top blogger, Mr Syed Ikhwan already read and applied this method and he agrees that its a long term pound generator, not know by many.

Interested? Click here to the link post related to this reports.

P/s : My general intention is to make malay bloggers earn more with blog...having it paid so that they will respect the knowledge of others.

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