Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Secret Of Report

Offering free reports is something common and can be consider as one of the ways to gain traffic, affiliate and mailing list. Most reports are introduction to the main product. Even if the report has no intention of advertising any products, it has its own power of generating traffic, hence report can be considered as one of the main element in viral marketing.

My paid report, not the free one, entitled Laporan Khas GBP Percuma or Special Report Free GBP is about how to make free money inside your Paypal monthly by simple twist and turn. Its kinda hot on some forums and cold on the others but overall the earning has been pleasant for me. I gain money from people buying these reports, and even gain referral from it, killing two birds with one stone :)
I don't know how many satisfied customers that gain benefits from this report since I only gain good feedbacks but one this for sure, having 27 referrals is a good start for me. Based on my calculation, my referrals will provide me a monthy income of £135 is better than I expected. I can't wait to see the fillings inside my Paypal account :)

I know I'm not a Guru but I think its okay for me to share my secrets of a good referral. Its actually hard to get referral from reports unless you twist them correctly. My tips are using full domain URL. Meaning that, on the report I put for exampe, but the link of that URL is So, people intend to click on them because its common in wording that URL will be underlined and coloured with blue or red.

Don't put a link inside words like "Click Here" for instance because its generally known that affiliate link is hidden inside those words. So, better just go for the first one. Even if you use TinyURL or SimURL, you've might end up losing affiliates because you're trying to hide your affiliate links in a stupid way, unless they don't know the program you offered.

So, next time of you want to do something that has affiliate links, go for the truth. Just give the correct URL with the hidden URL links. Its useful and effective, trust me :)

P/s : If you with to buy my report, you can go to Sorry, its in malay's language and already have a free second reports, specially for the buyer.

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