Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Story Of A Fisherman

One day, a professor wants to make some researches on the sea regarding the population of plankton that decreasing rapidly due to climate change. So, he hired a fisherman after knowing that the fisherman is a quiet person. The fisherman agrees to help after the professor offers quite a sum of money.

So, the fisherman rows his boat to the sea along with the professor. After they reached the certain location, the professor will take some sea water sample using the test tube he bring along and write something at his sheets. The fisherman, as usual, just silence without saying anything.

Then, the fisherman alarmed the professor that its going to rain. So, they headed home.

On the way back, the professor asked the fisherman, "Did you learn anything about geography?" The fisherman said no and the professor replies,"You already lose 25% of your life."

Then, the professor asked again,"Did you learn biology?" The fisherman said no and the professor said, "Poor thing, you already lose 50% of your entire life."

The professor continues to ask the fisherman, with a proud tone," Did you ever achieve Masters or pHD or Degree in life?" The fisherman looked at him and say,"No..." The professor proudly said, "90% of your life is wasted, gone."

The sea starting to tremble as its raining heavily until the boat submerge along with the fisherman and the professor. The fisherman asked the professor, " Do you know how to swim?" The professor, with desperate tone said,"No!!!" The fisherman replied, "Then, you lose 100% of your life..." and swim away, leaving the professor behind.

P/s : The moral of the story, you know better....

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