Friday, May 16, 2008

Stressed UNICEF

Today on the news a representative of UNICEF has come forward to ask for donations. It seems that the condition in Myanmar is much worse than we expected. UNICEF itself is under stress on the situation as there are reports of the second cyclone coming to haunt Myanmar once more. What is the problems and what do they need? Here's what the representative had to say.

UNICEF needed fund more than USD25 million in cash. This is because the number of victims are increasing and fund needed to buy medicine and food supply. This is also include repairing roads for easy supply distribution and repairing schools as 5000 schools are already turn to rubble. Over 250 000 children have no place to educate.

They also needed more food supply rawly from food donations, not from the extension of USD25 million because there are over 2 million people facing starvation and sick. If the food supply cannot increase, the number of victims will increase as death total can exceed 125 000 people. That still doesn't include the long term conflicts.

Manpower is also needed. It is known that the government, the Junta doesn't allow volunteers inside the region, especially from countries such as America but manpower and volunteers can be given by using UNICEF as a medium. UNICEF needs more people to distribute supplies and working to allow a smooth goods delivery and management.

Do your part to help Myanmar cyclone victims by heading to now and play your role as a human, and a friend :)

P/s : I've donated, have you?

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