Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Technologies Will Be Our Biggest Downfall

The world is getting towards modernization with new technologies to keep data and so on. Can you imagine, within 10 years, we already advanced in storage technologies from a mere 1.4MB floppy disc and now we can have a bigger storage. The biggest personal computer storage I ever seen belongs to my friend, a capacity of 1 Tera.

Look at the picture above, its a ruin. I think its a cuneiform type of writing. Ancient people carving on solid rocks and even metal of their findings and the good things about this is that the data will be last for quite a time, even after thousand of years, we can still track the data.
Now, this picture is a thumb drive. It is much convenience than a rock (of course) and can keep more data than a solid rock. Technologies has made this and extend the possibility of keeping data. Can you imagine if this thumb drive damaged just like the ruin did, will the data last? Can a thumb drive storage still available for thousands of years?

I've read an article stated that scientists nowadays are finding solution for the biggest mistake we ever made, a soft copy. We often take soft copy seriously and forget the benefits of a hard copy. Right now, scientists are creating method to keep data using a solid titanium cube that images were carved in nano scale size complete with guide how to read them.

By using this ancient technique that been modernize, scientists all over the world hope that if anything happened to mankind and eliminate the whole civilization, we still have something that we left for others to see. (if any)

P/s : I wonder if the ancient civilization already achieve our technologies, after that they changed back to the old hard copy method so that they're data will be preserved for centuries more.

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