Monday, May 5, 2008

They Pay You In Pound Sterling

How good is your writing? Is it good enough to get paid for your writing? If you need extra cash, you might just headed to Writers Share and start commenting on the topics provided. You might earn 1 pound sterling for a comment, and might gain more if you articles are accepted by them. Felex Tan helps me to find this site.

Writers Share is a new site that involving paying via comment using Paypal account. So, consider opening a paypal account before you proceed with the comments. Since pound sterling's value is much higher than dollar, each comment might earn you around USD2. When I say comment, its not a mere short comment with no information at all. Its a paid comment and paid comment is more like a short articles.

I've soaring there today and it seems there's only a few more topics left open for commenting. If you're lucky enough, you might earn USD10.00 today. Just submit your comments and pray that they will accept all your comments. I only commented to topics because I'm not good in payday loans and fashions.

There are no referral programs and it seems that Writers Share is updating their systems often so that they will have a more excellent payment systems and approval systems to make everything much faster and easier. Quick means reputation and reputation is important especially for a paid site. Visit them by click here.

P/s : Since I got 8 pound sterlings on March, suddenly I became interested in pound more than dollar :0

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  1. website ni confirm ke bayar ni??bro dah pernah dpt ke duit tu..kalo betul diorg byr berminat gak..

  2. Actually I've just post my comments recently. nanti if diorang bayar, saya akan notify.