Friday, May 9, 2008

Tools Comparism For E-books

Today I would like to compare between three tools that are important on creating an e-books. All this tools has been used by me to create my e-books and from there, I noticed the differences between the three tools for e-book creations. E-books are generally in pdf formats and that's what all about.

Primo pdf is a good free tools to create an e-book. Its useful and affordable because its free. Instead of converting the whole text into pdf version, Primo pdf uses the print style which mean the sofware will imprint the whole page and convert them to pdf. The weakness of this software is that every button or words that uses hyperlink will be not active. Nothing will happen if you click them. The hyperlink only works on URL address only. The advantage because its easy to use and free. All you need to do is print you work and change the printer type to primo pdf.

eWriter Pro is the best tool I ever had. It can actually do anything that primo pdf can't do, even putting links using hyperlinks. Putting password is nothing special because primo pdf can also do the same. The interface is easy to use and user friendly. By using it online, you can connect to the net for new templates and so on. The weakness? I tried to save my work in rtf and I cannot upload them using eWriter Pro. Instead, I have to copy from rtf and paste it in eWriter Pro.

Its new and reliable, only for the original version. Microsoft Words 2007 already have the publish mode to publish in pdf and still keep the hyperlink intact. This really helps any Microsoft Words users that wanted to convert their work to pdf a.s.a.p. All they need to do is to download the extension. The weakness? Microsoft Office itself is too expensive that many uses pirated version, hence, this extension cannot be used.

So, which tools do you prefer? I prefer eWriter Pro despite its small weaknesses. Right now, you can search eWriter Pro for free if you're quite lucky or you can buy it from me, the MRR version for only USD5.00. I cannot give them for free because it might violated the TOS.

P/s : As Gobala Krishnan said in IM zine, e-books are still as power as before, the profits are still high and the number of customers increasing between the years :o


  1. Im using ewriter pro, much easier and easily to convert the file to pdf.

  2. Yup,its much easier.The only problem I face is saving my file.Converting the file is not a problem :)