Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Use OSIM USqueeze ONLY With A Generator!

Every time I have the chance, I will use OSIM USqueeze to massage my legs so that it will feel much better. It's normally ends well with me having a nice massage to continue my work at home but this time, its really making me quite trauma. Guess what happen?

Today, when I massaging my legs, there's a sudden blackout. At that time, I just realize that my leg stuck at that machine. I really don't want to mess around with the machine because its delicate and very expensive for me. I try to pull myself out and it didn't work. This is not good.

The machine's arm holding my ankle all the time, avoiding me from try to lift my legs because if I do so, the machine will follow along and will lift up. I tried to push the mechanical arms away but I'm afraid it might damage the machine. The warranty card just expired a few days ago. So, I patiently wait for the electrics.

Its been 1 hour and I can't stand this anymore. I move into my room just like a leech searching for the guidebook, it says that I need to push or what so ever. I don't understand because there's only an arrow direction on where to move my leg to get out when power failure. Lastly, I use a little force and break free. Huh, what a day with that machine.

P/s : Next time, use OSIM USqueeze with a generator...


  1. That was a funny story. I could see a comedian using that one as material for a part of his live-stage act. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  2. Well, if you stuck on that machine for hours, I won't be so funny :P