Friday, May 30, 2008

Venturing Into Perfume Business

How many of you using perfumes every day? I bet the number is high because its as almost important and essential to today's life. Perfume makes you look nice, smell nice and bring up you confident in almost anything. Its logical because when you smell good, you definitely feel good and look good!
I've recently get a few group messages about perfume business and I find it rather attractive and have a good potential market especially on the net. Who else can offer a good price for original perfume? Its pure with no water add-on and the best part is, the only reason they been rejected is because of the packaging.
But if you look closely, its hard to find error's on the packaging. These perfumes are nothing to compare with the night market perfume. The night market perfume, with a price from Rm5 to Rm15 (USD2 - USD5) is only a low quality, water add-on perfume that didn't even smell like the original one. Even the package is much worse than the rejected original packages.

What do you think? I thought a bit of venturing into perfume business online as a part time job and aiming at the potential markets available. I think its might profitable because we're not talking about cloned perfume, its a genuine one that has been rejected for minor problems.

P/s : Seriously, I'm interested in this business.

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