Friday, May 16, 2008

What Do You Remember About Your Teacher?

Its that day again, 16th May every year is the day where teachers institution is celebrated to convey our love and respect to fellow teachers all over the world. If I'm not mistaken, this day is celebrated within the whole world (but I think its Malaysia only).

What do you remember about your teacher? I remember mine very well especially on my secondary school. At that time I was in form three when suddenly a discipline teacher slaps the whole hall, 750 students including me because someone mocking a teacher when the teacher is having her speeches. They cannot find the fugitive, so, everyone get a nice slap on their face.
Lastly, due to guiltiness and pushed by the other students, the fugitive admit it but by that time, 50 students already been slapped, including me. It was just a misunderstand actually but as we all know, some teachers are really impatient. Seriously, that event doesn't teach me anything except ways to find a fugitive when I become a teacher later on (hehehe...)

Not everything is bad and evil on those days, I have a few teachers that are very good and professional, especially when I'm in matriculation course. The teacher (lecturer) is far mature and can think straight. They find alternatives to educate. I remember one time my friends decided to skip a lecturer class when suddenly the lecturer call the student and head the microphone at the phone so that the whole hall can hear the lecturer's conversation. Its quite funny though.
Whatever it is, I would like to wish all my teacher happy teachers day, you are what makes me today, and I will always remember your teachings and guidance. Thank you.

P/s : Some of my teacher already stop teaching...

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