Friday, June 20, 2008

Clip Your Links For Money

I don't know how effective this program or site might be because I do not use them much due to the fact that I've just sign up. Even though the site seemed quite shabby and lonely and blank with no graphic, this program pays for every forwarding link that you attached to them. How much is the minimum payout? I think its around $5.00.

The latest comment that were posted by the admin was at 1st June 2008, so I can say that for now this program is not a fraud. The way you make money with it is quite simple too. You just do anything you like, download pictures or magazine but don't forget to cloak the link with theirs. They will pay you based on that clicks at the link.

There's even referral program up to two tiers. Since this program is hardly known, the percentage to gain extra money is quite high. The cloak itself divided into two main section whether freebies with cloak or using it to cloak the landing site of a page. Both are from different section but can be conclude as one.

Unfortunately, these program didn't support download link from Media Fire and a few uploaded sites. You have to evaluate them on site if you accidentally have problem. So, need to know more?

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