Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Be So Arrogant

This is neither a finger pointing post or unsatisfied mood that seek for vengeance but just a good experience that I gain when I started to take internet marketing as a serious second income which is some people are arrogant even though they are not that good after all. Maybe after selling a few products, they think that they are good enough until they neglected the newbies, not just not looking at the eyes, but even walk the same pave. (whatever that mean)

I don't blame these types of people because its their day to shine, so, their shining so bright that it might burn all the farms and create forest fire. Just what happens when the sun shines too much. Thank god these number of people aren't so big, just a few from hundreds but as what Malay's idiom said, "A drop of Iodine can damaged the whole pot of milk..." Some are really helpful and I thank them a lot for helping me to nurture myself inside the business surroundings.

Maybe the arrogant one just don't have the time to play along with a bunch of newbies, they are too busy with their works or will only hang around with the people at the same level. Maybe they might feel insecure that by making discussion with newbies, they're going to reveal all their successful secrets and will low down their status as veterans or Otai.

What ever the excuses that they can make, my point would be don't be too arrogant. Your days are numbered and there will be a time where you will fall and don't have the strength to stand up. At that time, you will feel how we, newbies, felt when you neglected us. We seek your help, guidance and we will even pay for that. But free is better :)
But, if they're arrogant on someone that deserve it, I have no problem with that. You see, I've stumbled a few other newbies that going too much, too excessive, too offensive on seeking knowledge that its really make me think that he's a lunatic. Everytime I YM, that fella YM to and rains me with Ding! Ding! and thats not the end of it. After that I received almost 20 message per day from him. What da...

So, be arrogant if you must, but only at the right place and a right time. People don't like arrogant person, either you or me.

P/s : Serious, no offensive. All the otai I made are very sempoi!

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