Monday, June 16, 2008

Guide To Insurance Management

Have you paid for any insurance lately? How much does it cost you? Are you really need them? These kind of questions always going around and you need answers to that, and a perfect management of insurances are needed so that you might not pay for something that you don't need and wasting your money, especially now days.

If you asked me, I also have a few insurance to cover myself starting from accident, health, and even death and education. Insurance is a security for the better aid when we need one. Of course, I have to pay them monthly but since everything is autopilot, just credit them inside my Maybank account, it becomes much easier to handle. The problem is the money since I'm only a full time student.

When you go for insurance, read the policies first. Most companies have different policies and not all policies have a good impact on you. Some even just a mist of what's really going to be. Read through many times before you decide because when you start it, there will be no turning back. Remember, accident and health insurance is not the same. Let alone death insurance. So, read them through first.

Buy insurance from a company that you can trust, have good prospects and well establish. It is unwise to go for something new especially when we talked about insurance because if anything bad happen along the way, in the end, you are the one that going to suffer. Browse the internet for reliable resources and try to find info on the company before you proceed. I take Etiqa Insurance, bought them from Maybank. That's well establish alright.

Apply what you want and needed only. If you dont have a car, dont try to apply car insurance, that is a serious work of a stupid person. Read through before going for the insurance. Remember, take only what you need. Don't imitate others by put insurance on your entire body from head to toe. Trust me, its not that easy to redeem your money.

As a conclusion, on this kind of world, you need insurance. But, to gain a good one, you need to do your homework. Otherwise, you just flung the money away and have to wait for quite a time before you gain your money back along with bonuses.

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