Friday, June 20, 2008

Help Me Build My City

Kabelcity, that's the name of my city at My Mini City. The city increases as unique visitors visit your site with no need to click or something in common. So, why I suddenly interested in this quite ancient 2007 online game? (if you consider it as games)

Ezreefa started the game on one of my frequently visited forum, so, since I also wanted to see how big can my city be, I decided to test it for myself. Since the number to beat in Malaysia's range aren't so big, I decided to take the challenge. Not even exceeded 3000 visitors, maybe I shall have my luck on this entertaining games.

I've just set up the city so give me some support by visiting them :) Of yeah, I think its better if I give you something for a catch. I've put a download link there, the complete set of $100 worth e-books, the famous Edmund Loh e-book. What is it? Check it out :P


P/s : Get your download for free now! Cunning,eh?

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