Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Forgot About It And It Costs Me $27

Yeah, I forgot to login for the past 45 days due to a little bit busy with other things going on and finally I lost my $27.00 inside A.W Survey. I've joined them a few months ago and at that time, I love to login but since I'm off for a new project, obviously I forgot all about it.

Not like other surveys, A.W Survey is a paid one, not the quick rich by reading email and survey filling scam. Its more original despite the extreme simplicity of the site. Serious, its so simple that I thought its a scam. But, since one of my internet pal already earn twice from them (A total around $150) I think I give it a go.

A.W Surveys can be variety, from completing forms to review the site for only three words. Yup, the word like "I Like It" maybe accepted. I didn't test it yet because I'm afraid my earning been deducted. So, a little typing and behold, you just earn $1.00 for that! Its easy. Now, the tough part is having the survey itself.

We are talking about real deal and real means not everyday. Who in the world want to pay for survey everyday? A scam. And A.W Survey is not like that. Its more like Global Marketing or other kind of surveys you might find. So, ready to start earning?

Just click here and receive your first survey worth $6.00! If you think that's not a lot, how about donate them to me :)

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  1. huhu. of course its paying because they paying me. :D