Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Importance Of JV

JV or joint venture is something that you need in order to promote your product, especially a newly branded product that still hasn't any influence on the market. This is important because its hard to find buyers when you're on your own and have 0 mailing list.

Searching for a good JV is as important as the step itself. If you find and make JV with the wrong person, you might end up get cheated, spamming issues and others. To find credibility person is hard but once you find them, don't let them go. Bind them so that you can make JV with them on the next product that you're going to launch.

Attracting JV is not that simple either. Unless you have a great offer, they won't buy you. Its hard to find interested JV on new products that still a small player on the market especially digital product such as e-books and scripts. In order to attract them, you can either make competition, offer high commission, extra products or even just MRR license where they can use to sell your product individually later on.

You can search JV on the chat room, forum, from previous writers of any e-books, influenced and popular people or just take anyone interested on your announcement. I've already made JV with a few people that definitely are fully committed on this JV and I hoping for the best on all my JV 's which I consider more than JV, they're my partners!

P/s : 20th June 2008, there will be no more discount. Raja Bidvertiser's price will be back to normal, $11 @ Rm30.00

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