Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is It Really Saving You For Petrol Cost?

Its a global problem, not only in Malaysia but also the rest of the world. Oil price is estimated to keep increase to USD200.00 per barrel and it might hike up later on. Okay, maybe I'm not so fit for talking something you can find in every newspaper but since the oil price increase is no longer a myth, what can you do?

I often ride a car with many people and most of them would say, "Itulah, pangkah lagi." (translation : Great work, vote them later too) Its more towards political statements but of course, its common people talking about it because the voting campaign just ended a few months, still fresh who's winning and loosing. Cut the babbling and blaming, what can you do?

Start using public transportation. Since the oil is increasing, how about start exercising by walking to the nearest commuter or bus stop? Its easy when we put public transportation on develop country as a comparison but in country such as Malaysia, public transportation only quite "OK" in Kuala Lumpur. Either than that, you might get fired for going to work late everyday due to the same excuses, the bus is late.

Buy some petrol pill to increase your petrol efficiency which makes you saves up to 15% for instance? Many people including my friends are starting to make business by selling fuel save pills where you need to place them before you fill your tank with fuel. Is it working? Well, some people saying it did working. Now, lets think and ponder. If one pill will cost you Rm20, how many liter of petrol can you gain with the same cost? Its like fueling your car with extra Rm20 worth of petrol, but by putting the fuel saver petrol. Its not that save, isn't it?

NGV, not a new phenomenon but in Malaysia, people start noticing the potential of NGV because you can save up to 70% of fuel! That's a large sum of saving, do you agree with me? Great! By installing the NGV might cost you around RM2000.00 for car and RM4000.00 per MPV such as Unser, its quite costly. Now, maybe in a long term, its worth it. Good thinking. If you live near KL or Selangor, no problem but what if you stay at Sarawak? Perak? How many NGV refill station available? If your car is using injection, its not a problem but if your car use the old fuel injection, you might have problem started your engine once the gas is insufficient.

So, is there anything you can actually do? All the steps above aren't so money friendly but if you asked me, go for alternative. Use motorcycle or bicycle, car pooling or just walk to work. Its all back to basic. Keep your car at home :)

P/s : Please don't start putting the price comparison, we all knew that even though Malaysia is one of the oil exporter, our oil stock can only last until 2014, while others (oil exporter) will extend for another 50 years under the same daily export.


  1. I used the pill before and I can say it didn't help one bit! Somemore, 3 months after I used it, my fuel filter broke down and I spent RM600 to have it replaced. Don't know if the use of the pills have anything to do with it.

  2. So, first hand user. Now that's what happen, no changes on the fuel saving. So, guys and girls, think twice before buying the pills product, it might not just useless but also make you spend extra money for your engine! (nightmare!)

    Better not than sorry...