Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is Your Site Genuine?

As always, today I'm browsing through the net searching for something to blog about. Its been two lonely days that I lost all my brain, feel a little bit slow because there's nothing to write. Since my product had just launched a few days ago, I search for some advertising solution. Then, I came across IDK.IN.

Its more like checking your blog or site or something in common to that, evaluating on your site including the tags, alexa, PR and so on. It calls itself the Genuine Directory and it has its own level of genuine called the Genuine Site Rank. Good, more and more evaluating site, let alone Technorati, Alexa, RealRank and Page Rank, now add on Genuine Rank. I dont know how they evaluate the site but one thing for sure, my site is 100% genuine, thats a big grin :)

There's even an evaluation chamber just like scoop and technorati website value, and my site value is $2000 t0 $5000. Haha...who wants to buy this site? Just message me and we can certainly negociate :) not kidding, especially if you going with that price. There's even a few advices to improve site and even monitizing the site.

So, how genuine can your blog or site be? Hop in at

P/s : Its under beta, so don't take the advice seriously :P

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