Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've Betrayed Mozilla Firefox

I am a very loyal Mozilla Firefox user, since they released their first browser and the latest one, Firefox 3.0 at D-Day, I always use them. I always remember Firefox as a great browser that surely have a good internet security and very fast indeed both in browsing and downloading management. The add-on components really useful and I love it a lot.

But, the worse has come. I cannot use Firefox any more. My USB Modem HSDPA does'nt get along with Firefox very well, they often quarelling and I'm the only victim, along with all my updates and downloaded softwares and animes. The modem always demand for not compatible with it, literally because its often disconnected when I use Firefox and the time limit is really extremely short. 

Then, I post in forums regarding the problem and many agrees that Mozilla and Blue Cube isn't so friendly with one another. There's no official account on this counter but it seemed that Mozilla dont like Blue Cube. It often disconnect, much faster than Internet Explorer and other browsers. So, they recommend a browser that I hadn't use for such a long time, Opera.

Now Opera is much faster, reliable and I seemed to like it. Its black in colour and its really look elegant. I love the bar and the smooth of the scroll. Of course, the speed is still not as fast as Mozilla but its second best and I love it. Blue Cube and Opera can work well together, I seldom disconnected from the net and that really a big relief.

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