Monday, June 30, 2008

Me and Online Banking Email War

One thing that you must know or already knew about internet marketing is that everything should be automatically so that it could smooth things done and even help you out so that you dont have to be in front of your computer/laptop all day long watching the business on and on. It even provided you with 24 hours on the line help especially for your client.

Unfortunately, a quite big loop hole just been spotted by me a last night. Yes, my program is auto responding to any question or email by saying things like "we will notify you later", "we will send you the download links after your payment has been verified", things like that. But, I've noticed that banks on the net also do the same when you send an email straight to their box.

Its not that I've done that. Here's the story. One of my client sending the transaction details at a wrong email address. Its mine but on other section and it auto responded to that mail by saying thank you. The client send the transaction through the banking process and the email went straight to the inbox with the bank email address.

Since both are auto responded email, my auto responded email send a thank you mail to the bank's email and the bank replied back, auto responded too. The cycle continues until I have 34 emails from the bank! Then ,the mods email me and ask me to stop spamming and I said its all about auto respond.

Since that moment, I always urged my client not to email at the wrong mail. Its bothers me a lot if the same thing happens again. I disable my auto responding "thank you" to avoid the same thing happens again.

P/s : Thank god the bank's mod has a good manners. If he asked for a quarrel, I just might get involved.

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