Thursday, June 26, 2008

Medieval, Present or Toxicated Future?

So, what will it be, fella? Wish to be on the Medieval era, present day or future that full of tense and toxicated gaseous? Than you should try to play online text games! (Not the one with the 3D figure, running n jumping n kill enemy and earn gold and buy weapon and running n jumping again n again) . I hate that kind of game, its rather....uneducated.

So, today I would like to show 5 of my most played online TEXT games on the net. Please, don't read if your home using dial up connection as internet, you might get a big billed payout at the end of the day. Trust me, I've been through this thanks to these addictive games. Its really pump my adrenaline and also my money from the dial up. Streamyx and broadband? You can read this coz no matter how long you play, you pay the same rate :)

The Crims. I love this game. Anybody have try it? Well, I consider this game as the present day game. Yeah, no fancy weapon, just rob the bank (start with an old lady) and maybe kill someone and make a gang war, hit people, bribe police and earn money from selling drugs and hooker. You can choose either to become an assasin or business or pimp or someone else. Each has its own unique characters and ability. Use weapon from stick to machine gun, from bare cloth to titanium suit what ever the name. Make a gang and rob something. Serious, the bigger the gang, the higher the chances to go futher, you might get to rob the national bank, successfully.
Have the luck? Go to

Dark Warrior and Darkthrone (classic), its a medivel concept with of course the dwarf, human, orcs and elves. (all games started to have dark elves and blood elves since LOTR) lol...but no matter, I love both game biasly..hehe. Why? Darkthrone is easier to handle, more than control a nation than a man but Dark Warrior control a man rather than nation. ( I dont get it, what is the use of outpost when we travel alone). Darkthrone has created MANY fanatic players. How fanatics? For example, I attacked A a long time ago, let say 3 months. Just 1 attack. The A teammates will attack me back as revenge for a straight 3 YEARS! (Crazy people...I think they live, eat and breath in Cyber Cafe or in front of their laptops). &

Biocidecity, still new in the game but it seemed the role is a little bit like the Aftermath short story (everyday at 7pm @ AXN for 5 minutes). Yup, the gameplay seemed a little bit like it and a mix with The Crims with no hooker of course. Its more about searching inside the ruin while avoiding been killed by others. Just like other games, there are protective stages until level 5 before you're allowed to go outsite your sector. Anyone have the bank vault code? I tried many times but it still hasn't open. I wonder what inside.

Neopets. Yup, its one of the Nick games after they bought it from the previous owner (if I'm not mistaken). I've played Neopets for quite a long time, since Secondary School Form 3. Don't be decieved by the fancy look and thought the game is only for kids and girls. Well, its not. The features inside have changed a lot since I last play them, a year ago. More new places to go, more pets, more armory and weaponary, more food and stuff, more quests and mystical places and definately the Kludor main has never been cracked by anyone, till now. The discussion of the code has stop in most forums because they give up encoding them. No more evil lurking makes the game a little bit boring, even if you join the Neo Defender. I really hope that someone suddenly let the Dark Usui go and plan another evil deed, Plan Z! (Get it? Plankton from Spongebob The Movie) :P

Well, if you need some timeout on the net, how about try to play one of them...or all of them...if you look for a stress free and addictive collectors of goods, join Neopets. War and conquring others, better Crims and Dark Warrior. Managing your system? I prefer Bio and Darkthrone.

P/s : If you're a serious player, you can make money from these games too, just like WoW. More games can be obtained at


  1. you seem to be enjoying very much a lot of online games....I love playing online games too and I am more of into medieval settings kind of game....RPGs are getting so much popularity these days don't you think?

  2. Yup,u can say that again. Unfortunately games are getting advance by the years so if u use laptop there will be time where u cant play any new game. Fortunate for me, Im now more to strategy, have u recall Travian?

  3. of course i do, i think that is one good is quite similar to my current fave, its called realm of empires, its also a fun game to play.. do you still play travian? if you do, i guess you could also try my bet.. :)