Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Online Advertising Program + Radio?

Can you imagine that Google Adsense or Yahoo! Publisher suddenly have their own radio. Wait, that might not right, how about Nuffnang and Advertlets with radio? Or Bidvertiser for instance. Yes, its a big company that wishes to get their publishers or advertisers with sounds so its not that wierd because they already achieve a good standard of advertising solution including well managed site, good design and great progress.

Now, today I got a newsletter from Adbizzy saying that they have establish their own radio network, Radio Broadcaster Show been hosted by Yan or something like that. Go to to find out more and see for yourself (hear too) how they managed that site. Now, its a good approach but its a bad timing and themes too.

I understand that their target is only Malaysian people because the radio is in Malay's language. Its not that suitable if Adbizzy wishes to go far beyond the region and go global. Its not a good approach. I think its better if they use english as we all know, its an international language for now and maybe for another few years before China dominate the world economy or European wishes only to go "La langue de Francaise".

Adbizzy site need a lot of improvement to attract both publisher and advertiser and for what I see now, its far from complete. They should focus on that before going futher with the radio or something, or even a television program after this. First impression is important. I still use Bidvertiser as my advertising solution eventhought they don't have a radio channel.

Maybe after everything has been settled and improve, then you can proceed with the radio thinging or something like that. For now, its a bad choice, unwise decision and Adbizzy really should find a good executive and evaluator for their company. Well, are you searching for advertising company, try your luck at Adbizzy. You might get something from there...or learn something from them.

P/s : I still feel unsecure with the site, sorry least nice try.

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