Saturday, June 7, 2008

Raja Bidvertiser Official Launch : Win iPOD Shuffle @ Creative Zen Stone Plus!

The day is today, its the official launch of Raja Bidvertiser. After a long intensive research on how to increase Bidvertiser earning, I finally come up with a few tips, solution and lastly ways to increase your Bidvertiser earning through my newest e-book, Raja Bidvertiser.

Raja Bidvertiser (Bidvertiser King) is the only Bidvertiser optimization book in the world and for the record, its the only Bidvertiser e-book ever created in Bahasa Melayu. So, the focus of this e-book is now only for Malays or anyone that understand malay languange and can read them well.

Unlike any other e-book, Raja Bidvertiser is not only based on research and writer's own experience, but also have references and extra information from the Bidvertiser itself which means that the company also contribute tips inside Raja Bidvertiser! This is unique because its hard to find any other e-books that have the main contributer from the program itself. It also reveal how to earn up to $50 - $500 inside your paypal for minimum payout of $10. Its so secret that nobody dare to talk about it, but I will reveal them inside my findings in Teknik Kontroversi.
Lastly, for the whole month a Raja Bidvertiser competition is going on. For every purchase of Raja Bidvertiser, you can participate in the Raja Bidvertiser contest and stand chances to win either iPOD Shuffle or Creative Zen Stone Plus! Grab your's for free with every purchase.
Now, the normal price that I put at the minisite, is Rm30/USD11 but for the loyal reader of, you can get yours for only Rm20/USD7!

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Nama Bank No. Akaun Bank Nama Pemilik Akaun
Maybank 153010440540 Khairul Anwar Roslan
CIMB 08140069698529 Khairul Anwar Roslan
Bank Islam 08086020043919 Khairul Anwar Roslan

P/s : Grab one before the price increases!


  1. waa. dah keluar sudah. Tahniah. Website promotion memang best aa!