Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raja Bidvertiser Progress - RM1000.00 Comissions?

Today I felt like want to share a few event and thoughts of what I might done for my latest product, Raja Bidvertiser. The JVs have started promoting today to compete and winning the Affiliate JV Racing with the winner total commission + bonus up to 700.00 and the second prize winner up to Rm600.00. Its only for JVs, not for other affiliate members :)
I've been thinking for Affiliate Racing among affiliate only. The total commission + bonus for winner maybe around Rm500.00 but its still under calculation and double check the standard profits I could gain from it. As you all know, only the Raja Bidvertiser's buyers can join the affiliate program and gaining advantage of it. Not a buyer? Check out at

Since the first day I started selling and advertising this e-book, I've already cleared all the costs and now just waiting for the profits to come. Thank god everything is under control, maybe a few small problems but overall, everything went well. Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate them.
The english version of Raja Bidvertiser called the Bidvertiser Tuner's e-book is already completed but the minisite is still under major construction (did'nt even started yet). This is because I've asked my private designer to focus on the Raja Bidvertiser's blog so that my clients and potential prospects can see the updates on Raja Bidvertiser, even my newest earning.

Of course, as stated on the site, my Bidvertiser income now has gaining almost twice from the previous months. Its more like stairs sceme, by applying all the techniques, your income will increase by stages. Februari gets more than Jan, and the cycle continues. How effective could it be? If 11 newbies have recommended this products as 200% excellent, I can't say more.
Do you want to be the early birds to gain the english version of Raja Bidvertiser? Simply email me at admin{a} for more details including the method of payment. The price after minisite completed might be around $27.00 but for now, I'm offering a small tiny $17.00 only :)

P/s : Don't purchase if you don't dare and think your Bidvertiser earning is good enough :p

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