Monday, June 30, 2008

Selling Your Soul Trend

Yes, you dont need to make a deal with the devil to sell your soul or life to the darkness when you can do that on eBay! Yes, its a trend where people searching for escape or emergency exit to life and push the reset button to start a new one, with some change on the pockets to start a new. This is not a positive trend, think about it.

Life is worth cherish, either its not that good on you or you love it, its worth a lot and most of all, your life doesn't belong to you. It belongs to god and nothing you can do about it. So, stop the selling of souls or life. I hate it to see stupid people selling their life on the net for some money and "a new life".

Yes, the postmen is off, and now its all new with the single mother who wishes to marry someone and at the same time, sell her house to have a husband, to taste marriage again. Ok, no comment. Maybe I'm not married so I dont know how it feels to be married. Overall, best of luck to all the sellers.

P/s : Hopefully this trend WILL STOP! Value your life.

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