Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Testimonial Or Not?

When we talked about product on the internet, especially the one that involves minisite and so on, what that might have in many minisite is the previous customer testimonial. It can be consider as the core of the mini site because people wanted to know, how effective the product can be?

But, on the other hand, how accurate can a mini site be? To be honest, I think that some testimonial just will give the potential buyer to think how accurate can it be? Are they lying? You can asked for a good positive hypocrite testimonial for only Rm50 and they will definately tell you a tall tale of how great your product is.

Some are real, but others are not. My testimonials are real but I think if I just remove them from the mini site, it would be better. That's what I might done but for now, I am still thinking either should I do it, or not. Testimonial seemed important but sometimes, its not.

Rather than arousing suspicious on my potential buyers, I rather say...maybe next time.


  1. Its up to you.I only will put some testimonial if they really use my method in my e-book. If not, i will never put any testimony at my sales letter. Its more better give some honest opinion than just praise only..

  2. That's true. My testimonials are true too..that's why I still keep them because it shows the potential of the product.

    Eventually, its all depends on how you manage the minisite. Some don't have any testimonial but still rise and shine