Sunday, June 1, 2008

Winner Of Rm50+Rm50=Rm100 Competition!

It's been a delay in almost a month when many people turn on to me with emails and private message asking for the delay. Now, after delay this competition for almost a month, the moment of truth has arrive. After an exhausting days making reviews and read reviews from various blogs of various niche, I have decided to pick two different winners.

The winners for this competition goes to the webmaster of and! Both of these webmaster will be given Rm50 each inside their personal bank account OR they can choose to have $16 inside their Paypal account. If you asked me, why did I choose them from the rest of their competitors, the answer is simple, its unique, full of information and have the originality.

Earncent makes its own opinion inside the review by putting some critics which eventually leads to the change of my blogs design and removing the navigation bars. Catzer pulling it all together by critisize on the massive amount of advertisement from top to bottom, which I find relevant that I should remove them because not all banners are profitable.

Others are great too, some also urging great solutions and there's even a few that goes towards putting the cream on top which mean No criticize, only praise.

For both of the blog's owner, do email me at using the form located at the bottom of this blog along with your original URL thread. Don't forget to include your bank account or paypal account for your payment.

There will be no notification through the email and once the money hasn't been claimed for 15 days, Rm100 will be donated to charity.

P/s : Congratulation to both winners and everyone that joining this competition! Watch out for my other competition later!


  1. yakuza. Aku dah try pakai email kat bawah tu. Tapi lambat sangat. So, aku bagi details kat wangcyber aa. Gi la tengok kat sana.

    Apapun. Tahniah sebab pilih aku dan catzer. Catzer tu pun memang kuat kritik gak tuh. Hehe. Apapun, terima kasih sekali lagi kerana mengundin kami sebagai pemenang. AF la plak..

  2. Haha...your reviews memang yang terbaik di kalangan yang terbaik. So, its worth to it.

    Kalau nak buat macam AF, surely ako dah kaya beriban-riban :) main sms je.hehe